Development and production of the equipment
for seismic exploration, seismic monitoring and seismology

Almaty. Republic of Kazakhstan
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New production

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New edition on July 31, 2017.

Elgeo LLP specializes in the field of design and release of the geophysical seismic equipment, providing with the equipment seismological, seismoprospecting and engineering and seismic researches, applying the latest developments of electronics in the equipment.

From the moment of creation of Elgeo LLP has developed and released a number of modifications of the radio telemetric equipment for seismological researches and seismic monitoring of the phenomena of natural and technogenic character.

The Elgeo LLP constantly carries out technical maintenance of already released equipment (work of service character).

In the section «New Production» new development of Elgeo LLP - the Network system of seismic monitoring of NSSM is presented.

It is possible to examine other works of Elgeo LLP on Russian-language pages of the website.

If you were interested in the materials presented here, you can contact us to the address in the section «Contacts».

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